A New Supply Chain in a Smarter World

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A New Supply Chain in a Smarter World

IoT and smart devices have invaded many aspects of modern life and now present companies with new opportunities and new ways of engaging with customers and consumers. Gartner predicts 2016 will see 6.4 billion IoT devices used around the world. A staggering number that offers value and opportunity for manufactures and global supply chain vendors.

The Internet of Things is rapidly creating new business models disrupting end-to-end value chains. Watch this webinar to uncover the key benefits of utilizing the IoT in your operations and learn how to bridge the gap between potential and reality. Complete the form and preview the on-demand webinar now!


Neil Hampshire

SVP & Chief Information Officer, ModusLink

Mr. Neil Hampshire is an IT leader with truly global experience. He has lived in 6 countries and 4 continents over the last 15 years. His work has covered multiple implementations of various systems, ranging from end-to-end supply chain and ERP solutions to Salesforce, e-commerce and Point of Sale systems.

His background includes consumer goods, hospitality, fast food, retail and e-commerce working for companies such as Gillette, Wrigley, Marriott, Timberland, Burger King and Avon.

Mr. Hampshire joined ModusLink in August 2015 and leads the IT function. He is driving transformation in a supply chain services company with e-commerce and digital capabilities to become a digital company, with enabled physical infrastructure and end-to-end capabilities.