Registering IoT Devices

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Registering IoT Devices

Use case: A large, multi-national computer hardware and print company needed to register customer devices running its software.

In traditional models, manufacturers build devices and distribute them to end customers through various channel partners. This can be wholesalers, retail stores, online, etc.

When selling devices through the channel, manufacturers have little insight into who actually bought the device in order to use it. Knowing who legitimately purchased a device can be vital in order for the manufacturer to provide warranty and support service to its customers.

Poetic helps one of the largest, multi-national software and hardware manufacturers identify the end customer who actually uses its products. When customers purchase internet-connected devices, software installed on the device prompts users to register before they can use the device.

When users register, they provide information about the device and who is using the device. Our client is then able to use this data to start warranty and support periods and identify the channel by which the end customer obtained the device.

Benefits and revenue opportunities:

  • Provides channel clarity as the manufacturer is able to connect to the end customer.
  • Better control over the warranty process.
  • Improves revenue recognition and assessment of warranty liabilities.
  • By streamlining the registration process, manufacturers have the opportunity to more closely engage and delight their customers.