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Complex Connections Made Simple™

Billion-Dollar Company Leverages Poetic to Reform Business Model

How did a major player in the global economy succeed in transforming its business model through the use of Poetic to manage the entitlements it sold to its customers? Read this case study to find out!

Monetizing IoT Device Transactions

In this case study see how a world-leading communications platform company was able to leverage entitlement management to track and bill based on usage.

The Power of Entitlement Management

Entitlement Management is securing, distributing and validating the intangibles of our commercial world. Learn about 5 key aspects of Entitlement Management in this free whitepaper. These key aspects include multi-license management, streamlined upgrades, flexible usage tracking, content download control and real-time reporting.

Entitlement Management—Exploring Access Rights and Licensing

As computer hardware capabilities continue to expand, hardware devices are becoming more generic. Your phone is now your camera, your newspaper, your mp3 player, your map and your wallet. Now, more than ever, the software that runs your hardware is the key to the value of that hardware. See how vital entitlements are to maintaining your bottom line.

Entitlement Management Designed the Way You Want It

Manage what you sell—access rights to your intellectual property, content and services—in your own data center or on the cloud with an industrial-strength Entitlement Management platform.

Registering IoT Devices

Download this use case to read about how a large, multi-national computer hardware and printing company uses the Poetic Entitlement Management platform to manage registration and warranty of its connected devices.

A New Supply Chain in a Smarter World

The Internet of Things is rapidly creating new business models disrupting end-to-end value chains. Watch this webinar to uncover the key benefits of utilizing the IoT in your operations and learn how to bridge the gap between potential and reality.

Subscription Services for a Competitive World

Today businesses strive harder than ever to create lasting relationships with customers. Subscription orders are fast becoming a key way for businesses to establish these long-term relationships. Learn more about what our Subscription Services can do for you!

Managing Usage-based Sales Models in Virtual Environments

Today’s mobile and broadband operators face unprecedented challenges driven by consumer behavior and decades-old infrastructure that requires constant repair and upgrades. New models are required to thrive in this competitive environment. Learn more about how entitlement management can play a key role in monetizing this virtual ecosystem.

Managing the Software Ecosystem in a Virtualized Telecom Environment

The digital world, including all of our telecommunications, is now going virtual. How does this shift impact the way the industry must manage the services and features it sells? Watch this webinar to better understand how crucial entitlement management becomes in a virtual world.

Poetic Helps You Control Software and Hardware in Virtual Environments

Consumers are demanding more services, bandwidth and uptime from mobile and broadband operators. Get the facts about how a sophisticated entitlement management system like Poetic can help manage features, capacities, licenses, access rights and services in this increasingly chaotic and virtual environment.