License Activation:
A Key to monetization

Hardware companies are learning what software companies have known for years: How to monetize product features. Activation with Poetic makes it easy to lock your software (and the hardware features it may control) and provide legitimate customers with access to the products they've purchased when and where they need it. There's no waiting for a customer service representative to validate compliance before delivering license keys. Customers just provide the information you configure to require and then they get their keys. It's just that easy.

Increase Value

When you combine the power software licensing with the ease of activation provided by Poetic to your software or hardware product, you open a door to new ways to package and monetize your products.


Clarify Channels

Tired of dealing with the so-called "channel conflict?" Find out who is using your products, and if your products are locked with technical licensing, find out what features they are using. Keep track of distributor and reseller sales and activations. Imagine what Poetic can do for you.


Secure Software

Protect your intellectual property from hackers and others who would steal from you. When you use Poetic to distribute and manage your technical license keys, you know you are using industry best practices to ensure your products, your software is used by only those who have properly purchased the right to use it. See just how easy it is.


Here's how the activation process works ...


Manufacture builds products, and sends product serial numbers and order information (if available) to Poetic


Products ship to the end customer


Customers set up the products on their hardware and login to Poetic where they confirm the purchase, identify products to activate, provide contact information, and, depending on your requirements, provide system information.


Poetic combines the all of the entitlement-related information into a message to the proper key generator (or multiple generators) and receives a key (or keys) back from the generators. Poetic sends this information to the customer and stores it for later reference.

See how it can work for your company!

Poetic Activation Features

Software Control

Improve your product value through software control of hardware features.

Accelerated Revenue Recognition

Leverage online activation of purchased features to recognize and capture revenue faster than ever.

Legacy Support

Maximize your current investments in licensing by integrating with your existing licensing technology.

Piracy Protection

Protect your software from piracy and unauthorized use by embedding our partner's technology into you software.

Seamless Upgrade Path

Add more features to your entitlement management processes as you grow.

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See how Poetic can help you solve your entitlement management problems and further monetize your software applications.

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