Monetize usage
and put IoT to work

The explosion of IoT devices and data opens up a world of possibilities to hardware manufacturers and cloud service providers. Each device and each feature can be tracked in Poetic as an entitlement that can be monitored, measured and turned off and on.

Offer New Models

Once you have the ability to monitor customer usage of your products, you can offer them a pay-as-you-use option, opening up new opportunities for more customers to use your products at lower price points.


Improve Service

With your IoT devices sending usage information, you can also track application and hardware performance. You can use that data to proactively notify your customers of hardware failures or issues and be ready to help your customer just when they need it most. See what else you can do with Poetic.


Collect Data

Need help collecting data from your hardware products? As long as your device has a connection to a network, we have some services that can help you collect health, usage and other data directly from your devices. Let's talk.


How Poetic Usage Works

Usage Flow Diagram
  1. You embed usage reporting hooks into your cloud-based software. (Contact us if you need help identifying a vendor for your technical licensing needs.)
  2. Your customers sign up to access your application either in the cloud or on premise and provides credit card information for future billing.
  3. Your order system sends a message to Poetic creating an entitlement there.
  4. When your software runs, it checks with Poetic to make sure the user still has a valid entitlement to run the software.
  5. While your customers use your software, your software reports the usage back to Poetic.
  6. On a schduled basis, Poetic reviews the usage for each customer and sends usage billing information to your order system.
  7. Your order system charges the customer's card and sends her an invoice.

Leverage these powerful features of Poetic Usage:

Manage usage data for thousands of machines.

Provide aggregated reporting on the usage.

Allow customers, channel and administrators access to the usage data through the Poetic interface.

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See how Poetic can help you solve your entitlement management problems and further monetize your software applications.

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